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You’re probably wondering what “Agape” means?

Agape (pronounced ah-GAH-pay) embodies selfless, unconditional, and universal love.

Why Agape?

Because Agape embodies selfless, unconditional, and universal love. It’s the guiding principle behind our commitment to providing compassionate dental care for every child we serve who walks through our doors.

Welcome to Agape Pediatric Dentistry in Peachtree Corners, your local Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist located right above Trader Joe's at The Forum at Peachtree Corners. We service families in Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Johns Creek, Duluth, Embry Hills, Winwood, Berkeley Lakes, and surrounding areas.

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Meet the Doctor

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We take a comprehensive approach to dental care.

First Visit

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We create an atmosphere of fun, happiness and positive dental experiences.

New Patients

pediatric dental office

We work hand in hand with you to take care of your children.

Our Mission

At Agape Pediatric Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive care to ensure your child's optimal oral health. We strive to create a fun, happy, and pain-free environment that builds children's confidence and fosters a lifetime of positive dental experiences. Understanding the importance of parental involvement, we encourage parents to accompany their children during visits and collaborate with us in making informed decisions for their child's oral and overall health. Through education on diet, nutrition, sleep habits, and other factors, we support parents in promoting their child's well-being. Our gentle approach and individual attention aim to make every visit enjoyable and stress-free, teaching children that the dentist can be a trusted friend. Every child is different. Our patients feel like they are honored guests in the practice. We treat you like we want to be treated.

Our Core Values

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Compassion & Respect

We value every child's individuality, treating our patients with the same compassion and respect we would want for our own families.

pediatric dentist near me


We believe in a team-based approach, working hand-in-hand with parents to create personalized treatment plans tailored to each child's needs.

pediatric dentist near me


Your child's health and safety are our utmost concerns. We strive to build a foundation of trust with families, ensuring transparency and reliability in all our interactions.

pediatric dentist near me

Holistic Wellness

Our approach to pediatric dentistry is all-encompassing, addressing the oral, physical, and emotional well-being of our patients. We are committed to utilizing the most advanced techniques, tools, and safety measures in the field.


A gentle, warm, happy, positive, and fun environment for our patients!

Preventative Dentistry
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We believe that early dental care can set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. From teaching proper brushing techniques to providing nutritional advice for healthier teeth – every aspect matters because your child's dental habits will stick with them as they grow up. 

Restorative Dentistry
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Our restorative dental procedures aim to restore the health of your child's teeth. Treatment can range from small fillings, crown that cover the tooth, or, in some cases removal of a tooth to restore gum health and alleviate pain.

Emergency Dentistry
pediatric dentist near me

If your child is experiencing a dental emergency, it’s important to seek treatment quickly. Delaying care can lead to unnecessary complications and  more extensive treatment. Our gentle approach to dental care encourages trust and teaches children that the dentist can be fun. Learn more >

Growth Guided Orthodontics
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Growth Guided Orthodontics (GGO) is a specialized approach to orthodontic treatment in pediatric dentistry that takes into consideration the natural growth and development of a child's face and jaw. This technique focuses on guiding the growth of the facial bones, rather than just straightening teeth, to achieve optimal facial balance and harmony.

Sedation Dentistry
pediatric dentist near me

Sedation dentistry is the use of a mild sedative (calming drugs) to manage special needs or anxiety while your child receives dental care. Sedation also may be used when several procedures need to be done at the same time, when the safety of a child may be compromised.

Nutrition Counseling
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Nutritional counseling aims to introduce and/or support good nutrition as well as reinforce the oral habits that the patient learned in earlier years. Good nutrition is a huge part of good oral habits and good oral habits keep the teeth from avoidable dental procedures.

Laser Dentistry
pediatric dentist near me

Laser dentistry in pediatric dentistry is a modern approach to treating dental problems in children. It involves using high-energy light beams, also known as lasers, to perform various dental procedures with increased precision and minimal discomfort for the child.

Tethered Oral Tissue Support
pediatric dentist near me

The term "tethered oral tissues" refers to conditions like tongue tie, lip tie, and buccal ties, where the frenulum or tissue connecting different structures in the mouth is too tight or short. These restrictions can affect proper growth and function of the jaw, airway, and oral cavity.


About Us

At Agape Pediatric Dentistry, we provide exceptional dental services to children that not only focus on their dental health but also includes their overall health and wellness. As a pediatric dental specialist, we are committed to making a difference in your child’s well-being.

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Our Office

Our office is Doctor owned and operated and you will see the same doctor at each visit. At Agape, we pride ourselves in being patient centered and we offer customized care. We provide a gentle, warm, happy, positive, and fun environment for our patients. At Agape Pediatric Dentistry, your child is in good hands, and we work hand in hand with you to provide oral health exceptional pediatric oral healthcare.

peachtree corners pediatric dentist


Our Difference

We strive to create an atmosphere of fun, happiness and positive dental experiences that can influence children's overall confidence.  We strive to provide a pain-free experience. Our gentle approach to pediatric care encourages trust and teaches children that the dentist can be fun.

peachtree corners pediatric dentist


woman 6

We had an absolutely wonderful experience at Agape Children’s dentistry! Scheduling was easy, the space was conveniently located and absolutely gorgeous and brand new. The doctor and staff were professional and kind, and made my kids (10,8,6,&3) all feel so comfortable. Their favorites were the TVs on the ceiling and the prizes at the end. After trying  few children’s dentists, we are so relieved to have finally found one that checks all the boxes for us!

Kelsey D.

woman 2

Dr G and her team provided a top tier experience for my child . This was her first time having dental treatment and Dr G was able to guide her through it with patience and compassion. My little one left with a positive experience and no tears ! Grateful to have found this office.

Jasmin W.

woman 12

Dr. G and her team were so amazing with my son for his visit! He loved brushing the toy alligator's teeth and especially his prize at the end! They were gentle, kind, thorough, and took their time letting him go at his pace and feel comfortable. Dr. G has such a clean, new, state of the art office, and my son left with a sugar-free lollipop saying: "I like her, she's nice". Thank you for a great visit!

Shannon T.

Peachtree Corners

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Our Office

5185 Peachtree Pkwy. Suite 325

Peachtree Corners, GA 30092



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