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Emergency Dentistry

Responsive care for tiny teeth.

Emergency dentistry in pediatric dentistry refers to the specialized care and treatment provided to children who are experiencing dental emergencies. This can include anything from a knocked out tooth due to sports injury, severe toothache or abscess, or a broken orthodontic appliance. These situations require immediate attention and expertise from a Dr. Gia who is trained in handling emergency cases specifically in children.

emergency pediatric dental services

Emergency dental services for children.

An emergency in pediatric dentistry refers to a situation where a child is experiencing severe pain, bleeding, or trauma to their teeth or mouth. It can also include any urgent dental issue that requires immediate attention and treatment in order to prevent further complications.

Emergency Pediatric Dental Care

Children are prone to accidents and injuries, especially while playing sports or engaging in physical activities, which can lead to dental emergencies. Prompt action is crucial in these situations as delayed treatment can lead to further complications and impact the child's overall well-being.

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