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Growth Guided Orthodontics

A specialized approach to orthodontic treatment in pediatric dentistry.

Growth Guided Orthodontics (GGO) is an emerging approach in pediatric dentistry that focuses on utilizing the natural growth and development of a child's jaw to guide orthodontic treatment. Unlike traditional orthodontic methods which primarily rely on fixed appliances such as braces to correct malocclusions, GGO takes into consideration the individualized growth patterns and potential for self-correction in children.

Growth Guided Orthodontics

The philosophy behind GGO

The philosophy behind GGO is based on the concept that early intervention during a child's growth phase can help prevent more complex orthodontic issues later in life. By identifying any discrepancies or abnormal patterns in jaw development at an early age, appropriate interventions can be implemented to redirect normal growth and achieve optimal facial harmony. 

How GGO Works

One of the key components of GGO is the use of functional appliances, which are custom-made removable devices designed to promote favorable changes in jaw alignment and muscle function. These appliances work by gently guiding the movement of teeth while also stimulating bone growth and remodeling. They are typically worn full-time for several months before being replaced with another appliance as needed. 

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